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*** Find new friends today! Join the iDatez-Network now! ***

With iDatez you can get acquainted and make new friends. Search the iDatez database for other singles; send a flirt or exchange messages.

Functions of iDataz:
  • - Create profile and join the iDatez network
  • - Search the database with different search criteria
  • - Find other singles near to you
  • - Display matching profiles with photo (if one is available)
  • - Receive new messages and flirts
  • - Send flirt messages
  • - Send new messages
Please note that all inappropriate content (including pornographic or racist content) may be deleted. While making all reasonable efforts to filter inappropriate content, iDatez does not accept responsibility for any content published.



Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us with any problems, comments or suggestions.


My Profile

In the "My Profile" screen, you can enter your personal profile information. The first time that you start iDatez, you will automatically be led through a process in which you are prompted for all fields on your profile.The following information must be entered:
  • E-Mail-Address
    Note: this is used only internally (e.g. for sending an activation code) and will not be shown to other users.
  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Location (After you have entered your location, you will be asked whether iDatez can use your current location. This GPS-location is used in the location-based search and will not be shown to other users).
  • Language
  • Hair color
  • Height
  • Orientation
  • Pets/animals

The following information fields are optional:

  • Weight
  • Childrens
  • Hobby
  • Freeform text

Click on the image icon to upload photos.

Search criterias

In the search screen you can enter different search criteria:
  • Is online: shows only profiles that are currently online
  • Distance in miles: you can select a maximum distance (3 miles, 15 miles, 30 miles or 150 miles) of the searched profile

    Note: the stored location (in your profile and in target profiles) is used. Your current location is not used.
  • Age from/to
  • Language
  • Hair color
  • Have children
  • Figure
  • Have photo(s): Selects only profiles which include a photo.


Search results

After you have pressed the search button, the iDatez database is searched for matching profiles, which are shown in a list. If a photo exists, the first profile photo is shown. In the list you see the
  • Name
  • Location (stored in profile and not the current location)
  • Age of the member

When you click on the profile, further details of the profile will be shown.

Profile details

In the profile detail screen you may see full (public) details of the selected profile.
By clicking "Flirt", you can send a flirt message to the iDatez member.
By clicking "Send message" you can enter a new message text and send the message to the selected iDatez member.
By clicking "Block" you can block the selected profile. This profile will no longer be able to send messages to you.

Message totals

In the "Messages" screen you may see all profiles from which you have received a message, or to whom you have sent a message. You can see the total number of messages, e.g. The number of unread messages per profile is shown on the right-hand side of the list.
Near the message symbol, the total number of currently unread messages is displayed.
Note: For the moment this information is read only if the iDatez application is running. In a future release you will be notified when you have received a new message. By clicking the "Edit" button you can delete all messages for a profile, in which case all sent and received message will be deleted, and the profile will no longer appear in the messages list.

Message details

In the message details you can see the full history of messages which you have sent and received from this iDatez member. IThe bar shows if you have sent (the bar is on the left-hand side) or received (right-hand side) a message.
A bullet near the message indicates that this message has not yet been read.
By clicking "View profile" you can see details of the iDatez member's profile.
By clicking "Send message" you can enter a new message text and send the message to the selected profile.By clicking "Block" you can block the selected profile. This iDatez member will no more be able to send messages to you.


In this screen you may see which iDatez members have viewed your profile and the date of the visit. By clicking "Edit" you can delete profile entries from this list. By clicking on the profile, you may view details of the profile..


In the settings screen you can currently configure two parameters:
  • Password: When a password is set, you have to enter a password when the application starts.
  • The screen which should be shown when the iDatez application starts




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