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*** NOTICE: The photo is not really scanned: the beauty rating depends where you press when a new image is first scanned (see below) ***



With Beauty Scan you can take photos of your friends and acquaintances and perform a computerized beauty scan, with a realistic scanning action and sound effects. Only you know the secret of how to control the result of the scan. It's fun to use at parties and events.

Scroll to the right until an empty picture frame is displayed, or click on an existing photo to change it.

The secret of the beauty rating, which Beauty Scan will generate for the new photo, lies in where you click within the picture frame.

Click as follows:

  • top = fairest in the land
  • middle = fair
  • bottom = ugh!

Beauty scan displays a rating text. For very good or vary bad ratings, an accompanying rating sound is played.

The mode of the application can be switched to judge the age of the person based upon the photo.

The estimated age can be controlled similarly by pressing at different locations in the picture frame:

  • left = young
  • middle = middle aged
  • right = old


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