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Take photos of your friends and acquaintances and perform a computerized beauty scan, with a realistic scanning action and sound effects. Only you know the secret of how to control the result of the scan. It's fun to use at parties and events.

Create for your favourite contacts a button with photo on your home screen. With one click you can call your family, friend or colleague or write them a SMS.

Choose a contact directly from the contact list in order to import the name, phone number and photo.

You also have the possibility to enter a name and phone number manually.

You can choose a photo from your photo album or take a new one with your iPhone camera. Photos can be zoomed, moved and rotated.

You can draw a frame around the photo and choose the frame color and thickness. A mini-icon can be placed in one corner of the frame, showing which action is performed when the button is clicked.

Icons on the home screen can be moved and deleted just like normal.



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