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These are my iPhone apps

Home Button



Home Button

Create for your favourite contacts a button with photo on your home screen. With one click you can call your family, friend or colleague or write them a SMS.

Beauty scan - Icon



Beauty scan

Take photos of your friends and acquaintances and perform a computerized beauty scan, with a realistic scanning action and sound effects. Only you know the secret of how to control the result of the scan. It's fun to use at parties and events.NOTICE: The photo is not really scanned: the beauty rating depends where you press when a new image is first scanned.

Mirror Mirror Icon



Mirror Mirror

Press on the magic “Who is the most beautiful of them all?” button and have the iPhone Mirror Mirror tell you how beautiful (or handsome) you are in the form of a computerized rating text, accompanied by a sound clip.

You can rate also other Mirror Mirror users.

myPomodoro Icon




With myPomodoro you can organize your tasks with pomorodos using the Pomodoro technique. With this technique you divide your tasks in blocks of 25 minutes. Each block is called a pomodoro.

iDatez Icon




With iDatez you can get acquainted and make new friends. Search the iDatez database for other singles; send a flirt or exchange messages.

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